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Nathan Chirban - Vessell's Massage & Wellness

Nathan grew up in Rolla, MO and has lived there all his life. He received his License of Massage Therapy from Metro Business College in 2009. He went to work as a Massage Therapist at his family business - Vessell's Fitness Complex. From 2011 to 2018 Nathan worked as the Massage Therapy instructor for Metro Business College - Rolla.

Nathan married to his wife (and his childhood sweet-heart) Julie in 2009, and together they have two children Rebecca, and Payton. He is active at his church an associate pastor and treasurer at Christian Fellowship of Rolla. He was elected in April 2022 to the Rolla City Council and hopes to serve the community and give positive leadership for the growth of Rolla.

He enjoys being with his family, playing basketball and talking finances.

Nathan runs Vessell's Massage & Wellness LLC out of Vessell's Fitness Complex. He is committed to offering high quality, therapeutic massage for an affordable price so that his client's are able to come more frequently and have the highest restoration of well-being.


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