Reopening Wednesday, May 6. After City Council decision to allow us to reopen with modified guidelines:

  1. Extended time in-between sessions. This allows us more time to sanitize all surfaces in the massage room.

  2. Upon arrival the client will have their temperature taken with a forehead swipe thermometer to be sure there is no fever present. The therapist will also take their temperature prior to beginning massage(s).

  3. Upon arrival, the front desk will send you back to the chair directly in-front of the massage room door while you wait for your session. This allows us to better control your exposure and that chair will be an extension of the massage room and we will sanitize the chair in-between sessions.

  4. The therapist will wear a mask during the duration of the massage session.

  5. Your therapist will collect payment and get you your next appointment instead of sending you to the front desk. This will cut back on exposure to other people that have been at the front desk.